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  • Mitchell Rothbardt

September Member of the Month – Nina Squillante

It is our pleasure to recognize Nina Squillante as the Castro Valley Fitness Member of the Month.  Nina has been a member for a year and a half.  She joined CVF because she had to do something to feel healthier and stronger. She feels she’s received more support than she imagined for both her physical and mental health.

Nina participated in the recent Powerlifting for Puppies Meet.  This was a stretch goal for her because she didn’t think she could do it.  It was empowering to train for it and to make a personal record on her squat. She felt very supported every step of the way.  She especially liked the comradery in the gym during the Meet.  Since she participated in the Meet she has been more willing to take risks in her personal life and in the gym (attempting higher weights or a new exercise).  She liked having a goal to work towards and sees the potential for more success in the future.  Transitioning from the trap bar to the straight bar for her deadlift was a challenge. Nina listened to the cues and kept working to improve her form each time.  There was great excitement when her new weight belt was delivered!

Her new goals are to participate in the next Powerlifting for Puppies Meet, hit a 200 lbs deadlift, add 5 lbs to her bench, and get down to depth on her squat. There is no doubt that with her work ethic, she’ll make those goals and then some.

Since joining Castro Valley Fitness she finds she moves better.  She lifts things from the floor safely.  She is more conscious of her body, balance, stability and posture. The three words she uses to describe CVF are “supportive”, “fun”, and “empowering”.

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