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  • Mitchell Rothbardt

March Member of the Month – Rodolfo Hillen

It is our pleasure to recognize Rodolfo Hillen as the CV Fitness Member of the month.  Rodolfo has been a CVF member for 4 years.  He is married with two daughters, ages 15 and 11.  He is a Solution Architect for Amazon Web Services (AWS). He likes to read, movies, technology, travel and cooking.  Ask him about how to use a spice and he always has an answer.

He first came to CVF looking for a more personalized experience where he could get planned workouts, coaching and guidance.  He also wanted to avoid injury that can be caused by not using proper form when exercising.  He has seen improvement in his strength, flexibility and posture.

In the last year he suffered a bulging disc in his lower spine which caused severe pain in his sciatica.   He avoided surgery and after 6 weeks of physical therapy (after a month of being flat on his back), he was able to get back to the gym.  He feels that his time in the gym before the injury helped him during his physical therapy.  After returning to CVF his workouts included extended stretching and more which allowed him to get back 100%.  This experience has reinforced the importance of a healthy body and the ability to move well.

The three words that describes Rodolfo’s experience at CVF are “positive, supportive and community.”

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