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  • Mitchell Rothbardt

January 2020 Member of the Month – Diana Zankowsky

It is our pleasure to recognize Diana Zankowsky as the CV Fitness Member of the Month.

Diana has been a member for 1+ years.   She found CVF through Facebook.  Her initial goal was to work on her balance and build her strength.  She is also working to improve her bone density.  She has made great progress which was recently demonstrated when she was able to help lift up and move her washing machine. She has set a 200+ lb. deadlift as her January goal.  We are confident she will meet (if not beat) that goal!

Diana is very busy.  She works part time and volunteers a great deal.  You may see her picking up trash on Castro Valley Boulevard.  She is a member of her Synagogue’s governing Board, she teaches at the Synagogue and if that isn’t enough, she mentors student Rabbis. In her free time (not sure when that is) she likes to read.  She has two grown children and a daughter-in-law.

The three words Diana uses to describe her experience at CVF are “enjoyable”, “community” and “challenging”.

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