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November 2016 – Barbara Ortwein

Mitch Rothbardt Fitness – Member of the Month

November 2016

                    Barbara Ortwein

It is our pleasure to recognize Barbara Ortwein as our member of the month.

Barbara has been a member of Mitch Rothbardt Fitness for two years. She has spent the last 35 years trying every other fitness organization, but nothing has lasted more than a year. She has found a home with us.

Since she joined MR Fitness she can lift a 45 lb bag of cat litter. She can put her husband’s electric scooter in the car rack on the back of her car and she finds that she is not out of breath when cleaning the house. She sleeps better and the most important benefit she’s found is an increased self-esteem.

She has reduced her Diabetes medicine by 50%. A Cancer medication that she was told she would have to take for 10 years was eliminated after 7.5 years due to her weight loss and exercise program. Her next goal is to reduce, if not eliminate, the need for her blood pressure medicine.

She finds the other MR Fitness clients enjoyable and there is great support for each other.   Her advice to new clients: “Don’t give up – keep going. You will feel the results in no time.”

When asked what three words would describe her experience at MR Fitness, she said with great enthusiasm “I LOVE IT”.

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