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March 2018 – Andrea Vinson

Castro Valley Fitness Member Of The Month

March 2018 – Andrea Vinson

It is our pleasure to recognize Andrea Vinson as our Member of the Month! Andrea has been a member of CV Fitness for almost 5 years.

Andrea has never been so physically strong since joining CV Fitness. If it hadn’t been for Mitch, she would not have embraced it or be so excited about being strong. She sees it most often when she walks up a flight of stairs and isn’t winded. She also hasn’t hit a golf ball as far as she does now.

She feels she can’t find a better place to focus on strength, endurance and posture as CV Fitness. She appreciates the strong community where a new person will immediately feel the encouragement to do the best you can do.

She recommends that you keep pushing, keep showing up and find ways to do a little bit more at each workout. You will find that the end result is amazing.

The three ways Andrea describes her experience at CV Fitness are “supportive environment, strong community and many new meaningful friendships.”

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