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January 2017 – Terri Puetz

Mitch Rothbardt Fitness – Member of the Month

January 2017

Terri Puetz – 2016 Transformation Contest Winner

It is our pleasure to recognize Terri Puetz as our client of the month and winner of the 2016 Transformation Contest.

Terri has been a member of Mitch Rothbardt Fitness for two plus years. Since joining she feels better, has less depression, her mobility has increased and her cholesterol has been reduced by 19 points!

She enjoys the great atmosphere of the small training sessions. The prepared workout removes any guesswork. She likes the availability of coaching either during her workout to ensure she is performing an exercise correctly or separately on nutrition.

She was shocked to win the 2016 Transformation Contest. She was surprised she could make such a transformation in a short period of time. She was very happy to see the most change in her stomach and legs. She found success by using the new behaviors she learned in the on-line Nutrition group and by increasing her training sessions.

Congratulations Terri! You are an example of what can happen when you set a goal, apply minor changes to your behaviors and push yourself to success.

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