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August Member of the Month – June Bovenzi

It is our pleasure to recognize June Bovenzi as the CV Fitness Member of the month. June joined CVF almost six years ago after a referral by Carla Mill. Her first goal was to walk (especially stairs) without her knees hurting. She saw improvement and could walk much easier in less than a year. She has found that patience and consistency are the keys to success. She was just able to do the three flights of stairs from the Civic Center BART station to the street and then the flights of stairs to the Balcony of the Orpheum Theatre – a few short years ago she would not have been able to do that.

Earlier this year she decided to compete in our Powerlifting for Puppies event in July. She liked having something specific to work towards and it helped her look forward to her workouts. She felt she had increased her strength and was in a position now to compete against herself. She wanted to push herself as she had never participated in a Powerlifting Meet before. Her hard work paid off and she was elated to meet all of her lifting goals. She wishes now that she had added 5 pounds to her deadlift. It was very empowering to watch her lift more weight than she had done before. She kept telling herself “I can’t believe I just did that!”   This experience has made her want to keep getting better so she will be ready for the next Meet. We are looking forward to sharing that experience with her.

She finds the CVF community supportive and non-judgmental. The three words she uses to describe CVF are “acceptance, friendly and encouraging.”

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