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April 2018 – Nick Chavez

Castro Valley Fitness – Member of the Month

April 2018 – Nick Chavez

It is our pleasure to recognize Nick Chavez as our Member of the Month! Nick has been a member of CV Fitness for 2+ years.

Nick used to hate working out.  Since joining CV Fitness his attitude towards being active has changed. His general mood is better, he feels and sleeps better. He has found the balance of a good diet along with being more active.  He always has a smile on his face and on top of that he has lost 50+ pounds!!

He finds CV Fitness very encouraging and enjoys the peers he works out with regularly.  He has developed relationships and was surprised to learn some life lessons too.

He recommends that members ask a lot questions, don’t get discouraged and ask for help to manage expectations.  He also suggests that members incorporate what you do in the gym with outside activities or life styles.

The three words that describes Nick’s experience at CV Fitness is “routine, game-changer and encouragement.”

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