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  • Mitchell Rothbardt

What Are We Going To Do?

We are all crazy right now!

Stressed and crazy.

If we’re not careful we are going to undo a lot of the good work we’ve spent days, months and years building.

Let me give you a few ideas on how to focus on what really matters during these tough times.

This will be over at some point! Let’s not let it get the best of us!

Over these next few weeks, look for a little more content from me. I will be posting a workout you can do at home each Friday until this is over and please let me know if you need to talk through anything whether you’re a member of Castro Valley Fitness or not. These are tough times and I want to help. Also, I have a lot more time right now!

Lastly, if there are any questions you have or anything you want me to cover, please let me know.

We will get through this!

Mitch Rothbardt

2861 Grove Way


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