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It’s A Mom Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand

Mothers are wonderful. I know mine is. My wife is a phenomenal one, too. Mothers are the ones who will always love us. They’ll do anything for us. They’ll worry about us from the time we’re born and never stop. My Mom always tells me, “I’m always going to be your mother.” We love them for that.

Mothers put everyone else first. Their families, their jobs. If something needs to get done for someone they love they’re the ones who step up and get it done. Usually before thinking of anything they might want or need for themselves. Many mothers I know actually feel a little guilty about doing things for themselves.

Here’s what I’d like to tell them. I know it feels like the world is on your shoulders, but we want you to get the things you want and need and we want you to spend time doing things you’d like to do. How does this relate to fitness? Well, one of the most common reasons for not exercising is time. Everyone needs to take some time for themselves and I know that if you’re a mother, your husband and kids want you to be happy and healthy.

That’s all I have to say about it. I just hope that if you’re a mother you understand how special you are to the people around you and know that it’s OK to do some things for yourself every once in a while. Believe me when I say they want that for you, too.

Have a great day!

Mitch Rothbardt, CPT, PN Lean Eating Coach, FMS

2861 Grove Way in Castro Valley


I Help People Discover Their Strength!

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