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The 2024 Kickstart Program Is Full.
Please contact us to join our regular
Personal Training Program

Start Your Fitness Journey the Right Way.
Sustainably. Safely. And Fun!

Hi! We're Castro Valley Fitness!

We specialize in something more than the usual gym 


We give you:

Real guidance so :

  • Don’t get hurt

  • Achieve sustainable results

  • Become a part of a community of real people just like you.


Don't waste your time and money this year. Make 2024 different.


On January 15th we start our


8-Week Kick-Start Your Fitness Program


We created this program for all of you who crave results

and want to get fit and healthy

The Right Way.


Using a common-sense, sustainable approach so you get real results that will last. 


With Castro Valley Fitness’s 8-week Kickstart, you get:


  • Two full-body training sessions each week planned around your busy schedule

  • Proven exercise programming so you’ll know exactly what to do

  • Expert coaching so you’ll know how to do it and not get hurt

  • A real foundation so you feel amazing long after gimmicky 6-week challenges are forgotten

  • 3 live workshops so you’ll learn what really matters about nutrition and exercise (they’ll be recorded in case you can’t make it)

  • Weekly emails so you’ll learn even more about the stuff that makes a difference (not the garbage that doesn’t - I’m looking at you Apple Cider Vinegar!)

  • Be a part of an incredibly supportive and inclusive community of people JUST LIKE YOU

  • Every day access via text, email, or in-person to two trainers who have seen it all, love to answer questions, and above all want you to succeed and have fun doing it! 


You get all of that for just $199! That’s 50% off our usual rate. (You may even get a chance at further discounts, too!)

We are a small studio so we only have room for 9 people in this program.

Correction: Only 3 spots left!


We’ll set up an introductory physical assessment as soon as you sign up to be sure we’re a good fit for your needs and the sooner you sign up, the sooner you can get started. 

Hi! I'm Mitch!

Hi! I'm Tammy!

Interested in the "Kickstart Your Fitness Program"?
Complete the form below and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.
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