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I learn new stuff all the time. One day it might be something about the importance of glute function, one day it might be a slight form adjustment, one day it might be a new exercise. And then one day it might be that when your body tells you that you’ve had enough, YOU’D BETTER FUCKING LISTEN TO IT!!!!!!!!! I had done one set of five deadlifts at 335 lbs and two sets of five at 355 lbs. Here is the conversation I had with my body while on my third set set of 355 lbs after the third rep yesterday morning:

My Body: Hey, Mitch. I think that’s enough. Me: No. I think I’ve got one maybe two more! My Body: No, really Mitch. That’s enough. Me: Suck it! I’ve got one or two more! My Body: No. You don’t. My Back: RRRIIPPPPP!

There is a difference between pushing through a tough set and being an idiot. Guess which one I was yesterday. Anyway, I now can barely move and can’t lift anything. I am extremely pissed at myself. My workouts lately and my general physical being have really been so good and this is really going to set me back. Time will tell how much. I certainly can’t do much of anything at least until Monday or Tuesday and probably way beyond that. I’ve had this kind of thing before and gotten through it, but it’s taken a while. We’ll see. I have to remember not to be an idiot and push it before I’m ready. I was really hoping to be able to Deadlift at least 410 lbs. when this program is over. We’ll see how that goes now. I don’t know how long it’ll be before I can deadlift again.

Another side bonus is that I am going to try to go around to some gyms and see if they are hiring trainers tomorrow. It’ll look great when I come limping in there asking for a job. “No, I just fucked my back up but don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.” Wonderful.

Mitch Rothbardt (coming soon)

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