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  • Mitchell Rothbardt

Improvement is Intentional

A few quick thoughts for today.

Improvement is intentional.

You don’t get better at anything if you don’t consciously try to improve.

You want better cardiovascular health? Move faster.

You want to get stronger? Lift heavier.

You want to get rid of chronic pain? Think more about your posture and movement patterns.

You want to stop self-destructive thought patterns? Talk to a therapist about how to recognize those patterns and come up with different strategies.


If it’s taken as granted that weak muscles need to be strengthened, why do people default to inserts and orthotics when they have weak muscles in their feet? They wouldn’t do that for their legs or core would they?

Hips and Upper Back

Do your best to make every exercise a hip and/or upper back exercise and see how much better your low back and shoulders feel, and how much better your core works.

Yes, every single exercise.

Mitch Rothbardt Castro Valley Fitness 510-755-9191

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