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Here We Go!

Tomorrow I start my month-long fat loss program. I plan on posting all of the workouts I do for the next month and my impressions on how they went. I will also post my body fat percentage and measurements weekly to see how those things are going. I am planning on eating pretty clean for the next month. I usually do, although I might have a cheat meal or two too many during the week. I will cut down on those a little and I plan on cutting my general portions just a little, too. Generally, I eat pretty well so I don’t think drastic changes are needed.

My main challenge is going to be designing workouts for a commercial gym where I do a lot of different exercises back-to-back. Most gyms are not set-up for that kind of thing. Also, designing workouts that I can do with a partner in that setting will also be a challenge. The good thing about all of this is that when I do get certified as a trainer, this is the kind of thing that I will have to be doing for clients, so it’s good to be doing it for me first.

I think my main goal for this month is to lose about 5 pounds of fat. Not weight. Fat. That’s a very big distinction. I’ll be able to keep track of this by taking my body fat percentage each week. As of last week I weighted 182 lbs. at 9.9% bodyfat. That’s about 18 pounds of fat. If I can get that to 13 pounds of fat without losing any muscle, that would put me at about 7% bodyfat at 177 pounds and I’d be pretty darn happy with that.

The percentage part is important because I don’t want to lose any muscle. I hope to accomplish that by keeping up my glutamine supplementation and keeping my protein intake at about 1 gram per pound of bodyweight a day. We’ll see. I’ll take my measurements every Wednesday night and make any adjustments I need to. To reach this goal would be pretty great not only for myself, but I would know first-hand that this kind of training works and I would be able to help other people lose fat knowing how to do it.

The eventual goal

On a seperate note, thanks for your enthusiastic voting in this weeks poll! It was a real close race to decide everyone’s least favorite exercise. It was so close there was actaully a three way tie between the Mangled Larynx Throat Lift, the Olympic Nipple Pull and the Eye Toss. That’s tough. As much as I really enjoy doing the other Olympic lifts, my Olympic Nipple Pull numbers have always been pretty bad.

For this weeks poll, in celebration of the Rush concert on May 4th, vote for which Rush song is your favorite. I’ll have the voting up until after the show to give everyone time to think about it.

As always, let me know if you have any ideas or comments or questions or tell me to shut up or anything at all. Leave a comment here or email me at

Thanks for reading.

(coming soon)

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