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Fitness Friday Update, Moving, and By-Tor Rocking The Nation!!

A quick one today.

1. We decided to push back the official start of Fitness Friday until April 17th. When we originally planned to start in April we didn’t realize that Easter was the second week in April. Travel plans and things like that can get in people’s way so we decided to start it after that.

If you sign up for the full month, however, and can schedule a consultation by the end of this weekend (April 5th) I can give you the equivalent of a free session. The price for the four sessions which, if you don’t already know, include a 30 minute training session with me followed by a 30 minute sports massage, is only $190. That is a $50 savings off of the normal $60 per session price.

If you are interested or have any questions call me at 510-754-7113 or email me at

2. On another note, if you want to be in good shape here is some simple but very effective advice:


Make moving a part of your life. If you see stairs or an escalator, take the stairs. If you can walk instead of drive, walk. Little choices like this add up over the course of a week or a month. We don’t realize how little we really move any more. We sit at computers all day. We sit on the train or in our cars. We sit at home. Get up and move. Go for a walk after dinner. Every half an hour stand up get up from your desk and do a couple of push-ups or stretch those hips flexors that have been getting tight in your chair all day.

Spidey stays in shape by being active and stretching his hip flexors!

When you develop good habits like this, you will find it much easier to be healthy. It really becomes a mind set and, as Tom Venuto says, a belief system in who you are. It is no longer a chore. You simply are now a person that takes the stairs. That mind set shift is how people get healthy and, more importantly, stay healthy.

For instance, Rush is a band that certainly believes in it’s ability to rock. Here is undeniable proof.

Mitch Rothbardt (coming soon)

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