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  • Mitchell Rothbardt

Big Numbers

Wow. Things went really well today. In my last post I wrote this, 

” If I can hit about 240 on bench, 350 deadlift, 315 squat I’d consider that a good starting point.”

Well, today my numbers were as follows:

Bodyweight: 185.5 lbs.

Broad Jump: 80″

Box Squat: 395 lbs.

Bench Press: 255 lbs.

Deadlift: 385 lbs.

3-rep Chins: 185.5 lbs. (bodyweight) + 55 lbs. = 240.5 lbs.

Pretty darn good. I woke up with a little stiffness in my low back but I don’t think it really affected anything. Squats in particular felt great. I did try for a 400 lb. deadlift but I couldn’t get it off the ground. All in all it was a great starting point. I think the fact that I could get these numbers while not really training purely for strength shows that where I have taken my training in the past year and half has been well worth it. It will be very interesting to see where I can go from here. I think these are really good starting numbers and it won’t be easy to improve, but considering that my focus now will be purely strength I think I can and will show some big increases. 

I will keep you updated. The program starts on Monday.

Mitch Rothbardt

(coming soon)

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