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April 24th Workout

Today’s workout was pretty direct from Alwyn Cosgrove and Lou Schuler’s “New Rules of Lifting” book.

Long link but a great book. The workout consisted of two Giant Sets. What that is is four or five (in this case four) exercises done back to back with no rest until the full giant set is over.

Anyway, here it is with the weights and comments:

1. Deadlifts 12 reps 135 lbs. (started at 155 lbs. and very quickly realized that this would be too heavy during the later sets)

2. Explosive Push-Ups 12 reps (this is a push-up done so your hands come off the floor when you push up)

3. Bulgarian Split Squat 12 reps each leg 45 lb. dumbells (this was easily the toughest part of the whole routine. Very hard to balance on one leg as I got more and more tired.)

4. One-Arm Dumbell Row 12 reps 45 lbs. (maybe I could have a done a few more pounds but certainly not enough to make a real difference in the overall metabolic effect.)

4 sets with a 60 sec. rest between each set.

This was very tough and very good. Real hard on the grip.

The second set is as follows:

1. Squats 20 reps 65 lbs. (probably a little light)

2. Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown 20 reps 80 lbs.

3. Step-Ups 20 reps each leg 20 lbs. (probably a little light)

4. Dumbell Shoulder Press 20 reps 20 lbs. (a little light)

2 sets with a 60 sec. rest between each set.

As you can see I probably could have pushed the weight a little here, but with this kind of workout it is better to err on the side of lighter weights. The rep scheme is the most important thing here and once you start the set you shouldn’t interrupt it to get another set of dumbells. I will go a little heavier the next time I do this particular set, though.

1. Swiss Ball Crunch 10 reps

2 sets with a 60 sec. rest between each set. This was a good finisher. It really highlighted how much stability we used on the other two sets. It was very nice.

Overall I would say it was a very good workout. We were pretty much finished when it was over and I see why you shouldn’t do this kind of workout two days in a row. We were able to do everything basically at one station so we didn’t have any problems there and we solved the problem of two people doing this together by staggering the starts of the sets. I started with Deadlifts and Squats and when I was done with my initial set of those Tim started his set. it worked fine and we should be able to continue with this kind of protocol in the future with these workouts.

I took my measurements last night and while I won’t post them all, I will say that my body fat percentage is at 9.3% at the moment (although, I don’t know how accurate my measuring skill is, I am confident that it’s not too far off) and my weight is 182 lbs. That would mean I am carrying about 17 pounds of fat. If I lose my goal of 5 pounds of fat that would put me at carrying 12 pounds of fat at 177 lbs. That would put me at about 7% bodyfat. We will see. I will take my measurements each Wed. night and weigh myself at the end of the first workout after that.

Talk soon.

Mitchell Rothbardt

(coming soon)

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