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Study Time

Even though it’s in the title of this thing, I realized that I haven’t actually written about my personal trainer certification studies. Right now I’m going over the nutrition chapter in my study manual. I just finished up the anatomy chapter and, I’ve got to say, it wasn’t easy. I had a basic knowledge going in of the medical names for the muscles and some bones, but geez, there’s a lot of these things. 206 bones, for example. It ‘s not easy and I still have a long way to go before I feel that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to this technical kind of stuff. I think once I start getting into program design and things like that it should be a bit easier because I feel I do have a fair amount of knowledge in that area. (At least I think I do.) We’ll see. Overall it’s going well, but I do wish I had more study time.

The good news is that before I started studying I took two practice tests. I got a little over 50% on both of them. I took them again last week and I got around 70% on both this time. I think I’ll be OK when it comes time to take the test. I still need to take the CPR/ED certification, too.

Only about a week before my fat loss month begins. I’m looking forward to it. I did do a killer fat loss workout this morning mainly to try and adapt some of Alwyn Cosgrove’s complex style workouts into something I can actually do at a regular commercial gym. Most of his complexes (by the way, a complex is a number of exercises done right one after another with no break) involve a lot of different types of equipment and it’s not realistic to be able to use three of four seperate pieces of equipment at once for an extended period of time at a regular commercial gym.

The one I did this morning went a little like this: Dumbell Snatch-Overhead Squat – 6 reps Swiss Ball Rollout – 8 reps (kind of like an ab wheel, except with a swiss ball) Windmill Lunge – 3 reps (these are lunges done in front, to 45 degrees, straight out to the side, 45 degrees to the back, then straight back. Then do the other leg. In other words, each rep is actually 10 lunges done to different areas.) One Arm Dumbell Rows – 10 reps Swiss Ball Wood Chops – 10 reps 5 sets with a 2 minute rest between sets

It was tough but real good. The only change I had to make from it’s original form was that the Dumbell Snatch – Overhead Squats were supposed to be done with a barbell. I also could have used a slightly higher weight on the rows. I did everything with 35 lb. dumbells. If you go here: I believe it’s actually workout B. You can see pics of all the exercises there, as well.

Before I start, I will take my body fat and measurements and keep track throughout the month.

The other big thing in my workouts lately has been a drastic improvement in my olympic lifts. I feel that I have a good handle on form for most exercises, but starting the olympic lifts has really felt, at times, like flying blind. I have done a lot of video watching and reading and I think I’m really getting a handle on this thing now. About three weeks ago I watched a video that said that 90% of the form problems with these lifts occur right from the set-up (go here to watch: scroll down to “The Set-Up” parts 1, 2 and 3.) Over the last three weeks or so, I have dramatically improved my set-up and over the last week have improved the whole pull.

The big difference has been in my abililty to know when to really explode and get the quadruple extension through the ankles, hips, back and shoulders. It’s not right off the ground. It has been night and day and I look forward to finally seeing some improvement in my numbers here. For example, this morning after my complex workout, I did a few snatches just for the heck of it. Even being pretty darn tired, I snatch 135 lbs. with not much problem. That had been a number that I could barely reach previously, and then only for one rep, maybe. I felt I had at least two or three more in me this morning. I’m excited. I will continue with the olympic lifts even through my fat-burning month. If I start the workouts with these, I should be able to make some big improvements this month. Not to mention that these are great full body exercises, anyway that can definitely aid in the fat-burning. If you’re not a believer, do 10 clean-and-jerks and see if you’re breathing normally. (You won’t be.)

Check above for some incredible video from the last olympics. The last lift is about a 580 lb. clean and jerk olympic record that the guy gets off the ground like it’s a pencil, and then holds it over head and yells to the crowd. Beautiful.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Let me know what you think about all this and certainly let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions or questions.

Mitchell Rothbardt soon)

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