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The Most Important Thing When Starting to Exercise Is...

So, what’s the single most important thing to focus on when starting to exercise?

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I have ideas about that.

I’d go as far as saying that when starting to exercise, (aside from using good form so you don’t get hurt), there's only one thing you need to think about.

Just one.

Want to know what that is?

Get your pencils out.

Here's the magic secret.


You ready?

You listening?


Show up.

If you don't show up, nothing else matters.

Not one thing.

Show up.


Exercise is all about habits and you don’t build a habit from doing something every once in a while.


That’s why I always suggest that people think about what they’re 100% willing and able to do when they’re setting up their schedule. Not what they think they “should” do.

The single biggest red flag I ever see with a new client is if they don’t show up to one of their first 5 or 6 sessions. I’ve had clients who cut their first workout short because they were feeling overwhelmed.

That is 100% OK.

The last thing I want from someone's first session is for them to feel overwhelmed. One workout doesn’t mean squat…no pun intended. The benefits of exercise come from consistency. Not one super-fantastic 1000-calorie-burning explosion. No matter what they tell you on those infomercials.

It's simple.

For the first 6-weeks, just show up.

Feeling tired?

Show up.

Feeling stressed?

Show up.

Need to cut a workout short?

That's fine. Show up.

Need to cut a workout really short? Like in and out in 20 minutes short?

Like I said, that's fine. Show up.

If you do that, I guarantee you'll feel happy you did.

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