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Sorry, it’s been so long. Things have been a bit busy. I think I’m busier now than when I was working. Anyway, to end the suspense, the month long fat-burning extravaganza was definitely a qualified success. I say qualified because I definitely lost some fat and most definitely improved my conditioning, but I was a little short on my fat loss goal. I think to really dial it in, I need a sports nutritionist to consult with. I think the training aspect of things was pretty close to 100%. I did a workout every other day all month long. Each one was excellent and difficult as you can see from my posts. I didn’t enter my last one or two, but I did them and you can that they were very tough and featured a lot of variety. 

My diet was pretty good, but with my genetics I need to really have everything pretty close to 100% with my diet to get really cut. I was probably closer to 90%. I have to say, though, that the site has really helped a ton with my diet. 

Since I have been back on my hypertrophy cycle for the last week or so I can tell that I really lost virtually no strength during the last month and, as a matter of fact, last week I posted a new PR for the snatch at 145 lbs. and matched my clean PR at 185 lbs. I tried for 195 but couldn’t get it. 

I have been doing everything in a “5 for 5” rep progression (5 sets of 5 reps) with a one minute rep cycle and I don’t think I would be able to keep that going if my conditioning wasn’t pretty good. On top of that I can already see an improvement in my general physique. I’d like to experiment more with supersets, but it’s really hard to do that in a commercial gym setting, although I’ll probably try to start dropping them in now and then. 

Anyway, just a quick one today to let everyone know that I’m still going. I’ll post more frequently from here on, and I’ll do a few more “Basics” posts soon, as well. 

Talk to you soon.

Mitchell Rothbardt

(coming soon)

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