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  • Mitchell Rothbardt

Random Thoughts To Help You Get Better

Wow! The weather sure has turned the last week or so. It has been beautiful. Walking the puppies each night has been even more wonderful than usual. I have a couple of announcements but first I want to give you some random ideas to help get you better. Some of these things have sure helped me:

1. You just can’t overstate the value of nutrition no matter what your goals are. You don’t always have to be 100% and you can eat some ice cream from time to time but I swear if you just base everything around lean protein, fruits and veggies, cook in olive and coconut oil, snack on nuts and drink plenty of water I guarantee you’ll be doing pretty well.

2. You’ll make more progress working hard doing the world’s worst program than you’ll make taking it easy doing the world’s best program. In other words, effort is the most important thing you can have and that is controlled 100% by you. Effort takes no talent and effort takes no physical fitness. You can be in awful shape and give 100%. Let’s get it going!

3. If you’re not squatting, you need to start. Squatting can be made to assist in nearly every goal from weight loss to muscle gain to increased athletic performance. You don’t have to have a bar on your back with a bunch of weight on it but squatting is a pretty darn important movement pattern that can help spare your knees, hips and back a lot of problems if done right. If you don’t know how to do it right, then find someone who does. By the way, if you think you’re doing it right but want a quick test to check, do the following:

A. Stand in your squat stance facing a wall with your toes about 2-3 inches away from it and your arms hanging down between your legs

B. Squat down so that the top of your things are about parallel with the ground

If your knees or face hit the wall you aren’t squatting correctly.

4. This is about more than physical fitness. This is about discovering inner strength and confidence. It’s about doing things that you couldn’t do before. It’s about doing things you may have never thought you could do. 5. Take care of your shoulders and your posture. You might not appreciate this when you’re younger, but good posture will help every area of your physical life. Enjoy the weather! Mitch Rothbardt, CPT, PN Lean Eating Coach I Help People Discover Their Strength 510-754-7113

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