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New Training Schedule and Jerking It Hard

Hello all you little five pound plates. How are you? I’m doing well. Actually I’m pretty excited right now. This morning I had an outstanding jerk. I hadn’t jerked in a little while, about 6 weeks, then last week I did and this morning I had a really outstanding jerk. Man, it feels so good to get a good jerk going. What? I mean a clean and jerk in the gym! The exercise with a barbell! Man, you’re sick! Anyway. My previous PR was a 195 lb. clean and jerk. This morning I did a 185 lb. one with good form and really no problem, so the good news appears to be that even not doing them for a little while, it doesn’t look like I’ve lost any strength there.

I’ve also made a few changes in my training. I was getting a little tired of getting up at 4:00am to get to the gym all the time, so I made a change. I’m doing my olympic lifts, lower body and metabolic work in the morning and my upper body and abs in the afternoon during lunch. I just started this on Monday and it’s been great. It gives me another 30-45 minutes of sleep a night and when you’re only getting 5 or so hours some nights that makes a big difference. The biggest leak in my training is my sleep. It probably still is, but this does help a little.

I’ve also started on a new/old program. Old in that I’m going back to the Dos Remedios’s Power Training book for the moment, but new because I am basing everything on volume-centered workouts. In other words, if you bench 100 pounds for 10 reps your volume on that set is 1000 lbs. I am trying to increase my volume on each exercise each workout. You can do that by adding weight or reps. I am trying to keep everything around the 4 sets of 10 with a 60 second rest protocol, but I will make adjustments as needed.

Also, need I mention my Philadelphia Phillies. I don’t want to jinx anything, but last nights game was outstanding. Hopefully, things will continue in that vein.

Well that’s all for now. Talk to you soon.

Mitch Rothbardt (coming soon)

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