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Well, this I’m excited about. After working through Robert dos Remedios’s excellent Book of Power Training for about the last eight months or so (with tremendous results I might add) I have decided that after this cycle I’m going to really change things up. My goal is to design a super-set based workout that I will be able to do at a commercial gym. A lot of what I read talks about supersetting and it’s something I have tried at times in the past but not too extensively for hypertrophy. As you’ll recall, the last time I tried it was during my fat-loss month. I recently purchased Charles Staley’s EDT book, “Muscle Logic” and I will also be looking deeper into Alwyn Cosgrove’s “New Rules Of Lifting” book. The key thing is to able to do this program at a 24-Hour Fitness kind of gym. It’s easy when you have your own place as Cosgrove and Staley do. It’s much harder when you constantly have to tell people that you’re using that bench even though you stepped away from it for a second. I hope to have something to start with by the end of the weekend. I really need to get onto a hypertrophy phase. And don’t worry folks, I will still be snatching and cleaning!

Mitchell Rothbardt

(coming soon)

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