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May 12, 13, 14 and 16 workouts

Hello. Sorry it’s been a while, but it’s been a bit of a crazy week. Anyway, I’ll fill you in on the last four workouts I’ve done this week.

May 12

Stiff Leg Deads-6 reps

Hang Clean-Front Squat-Push Press-6 reps

Reverse Lunge-6 reps

6 sets with a 45 sec. rest between sets

I did it with a 95 lb. barbell. This is probably the easiest of the Alwyn Cosgrove barbell complexes, although it’s still very challenging. The clean-squat-press hybrid in the middle is a tough bit.

Countdowns: Box Jumps and Pushups

Countdowns a protocol where you do 10 reps each of two exercises, then 9 reps, then 8 reps and so on down to 1 rep. You time them so you can compare your development. I did this one today in 4:18 and the last time I did this it was in 4:42. Nice improvement!

Hanging Ab Raise-10 reps

2 sets with a minute rest between sets

May 13

30 minutes on the treadmill

May 14

Front Squat 12 reps 135 lbs.

Wide Grip Cable Seated Row 12 reps 130 lbs.

3 sets with a 30 sec. rest 

Supine Hip Extension w/Leg Curl 12 reps

Barbell Push Press 12 reps 85 lbs.

3 sets with a 30 sec. rest

Lunge 12 reps 135 lbs.

Swiss Ball Ab Roll 12 reps 25 lbs.

3 sets with a 30 sec. rest

Squat 20 reps 85 lbs.

Lat Pulldown 20 reps 100 lbs.

Step Up 20 reps.

Dumbell Shoulder Press 20 reps 30 lbs.

2 sets with a 60 sec. rest

Swiss Ball Crunch 10 reps

2 sets with a 60 sec. rest

May 16

Deadlift 10 reps 155 lbs.

Explosive Push-Up 10 reps

Bulgarian Split Squat 10 reps each leg 50 lb. dumbells

One-Arm Dumbell Row 10 reps 50 lb. Dumbell

4 sets with a 45 sec. rest

This was the first workout we did for this month long progression. We upped the weight a little and did only 10 reps per set instead of 12, but we also had a 45 sec. rest instead of a 60 sec. rest. It made it a lot tougher.

1 minute punching intervals

3 sets

We cut this one a little short because I am definitely feeling things a little. But like I mentioned to Tim, this was a short workout for us but for most people it would be the most hardest workout they might have ever done. 

There are only three more of these workouts to go and after that I will probably take a few days off and jump into a hypertrophy phase. As much as I loved doing this stuff I am starting to feel a little run down so it will be great to go back to that stuff. I think, as I wrote a few posts back, I should be able to really get some good results with the hypertrophy now that I haven’t done any of that kind of overload in quite a while.

Mitchell Rothbardt

(coming soon)

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