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  • Mitchell Rothbardt

I Was Shocked!!

I was shocked, I tell you!

Can you believe that?

Well, you learn something new every day.

According to the article:

"Several previous studies have shown that exposure to images that encourage a specific physique is correlated with a dip in body satisfaction, mood and self-perceived sexual attractiveness. It has also been linked to disordered eating."

Of course, none of this is new and seeing as how we're about to be in for a rash of New-Year-New-You-6-Week-Transformation-Drop-40-Pounds-In-2-Weeks garbage I just thought I'd give you a little fair warning not to fall for that B.S.

A fitness and nutrition program should never be based on extreme methods.

No 1000 calorie diets.

No crazy workouts that leave you sore for a week straight.

And yes, you can have a cookie sometimes.

Castro Valley Fitness

2861 Grove Way in Castro Valley


P.S. If there was going to be a fitness program to get you started the right way, what would you need to help you be successful for the long term?

I'd really love it if you'd let me know.

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