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Well, I did it. I passed my trainer’s exam yesterday. That makes me happy. Thanks to everyone who helped me out on this. Now all I have to do is find some clients. I already have one resume out and a couple of leads on some other things, so hopefully I can hit the ground running. I’m definitely pretty happy. I think good things are on the way, and also, for anyone who’s interested, my first real book in eight months is “Outrage” by Vincent Bugliosi. It’s about the O.J. Simpson trial.

The other news is that I finished the first month of my four month program. I can definitely tell that I have improved my bench. I had to make a form adjustment on my box squats so I’m not sure on those. I wasn’t stopping on the box.  I was doing more of a touch-and-go thing. I’m probably about the same on my max but I don’t think I’ve improved much. That’s OK. I’ve got to do it right. This next month I start on cluster training. With that, what you do, is a series of doubles with a 10 second rest in between them. For example, you’ll do 2 reps then a 10 second rest four times. That’s one set. You do it at about your 5 rep max and it’s like lifting your 5 rep max 8 times. That sounds fun. 

Anyway that’ll do it for today. Talk to you soon, and don’t forget to subscribe! It’s free and much more fun than the vast majority of spam emails you get. 

Mitchell Rothbardt

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