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Feeling Good

Well, here are the final numbers and a few accompanying videos:

Bench Press: 245 lbs. (video and comments here)

Shoulder Press: 150 lbs. Felt tired that day. Went for it anyway.

Hang Clean: 160 lbs. Same day as Shoulder Press, but really felt much stronger with these. This was a pleasant surprise as I was thinking 145-ish. Video shows 155 lb. lift. The 160 lb. lift didn’t record.

Box Squat: 405 lbs. I am happy with this. It’s a 20 lb. increase since my last max test and it went up pretty easily. Might have had 415. Couldn’t get 425.

Deadlift: 385 lbs. Pretty happy with this. I was hoping for 405 and I think I might have it, but I was pretty tired after doing squats and just couldn’t get 405 off the ground. Still, this is also a 20 lb. increase since my last max test.

Overall I’m happy with everything except my bench, although I plan on doing something about that over the next few months. I just got Dave Tate’s Bench Press Manual and I’ll be putting together a plan in my secret laboratory. Actually, just somewhere in my house. My goals at this point are to keep up the steady improvement with the deadlift, start doing regular back squats instead of the box squats so I can put up a good number there, and the main goal is, of course, get my bench up to par. I’m feeling good though. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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