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Rush DVD and other Stuff

This is a video from the new live Rush DVD. It is, of course, excellent. They are still a phenomenal band. They are playing as well now as they ever have. It’s great to see. I honestly can barely remember a time in my life when they were not my favorite band. Enjoy this and pick up the DVD.

In the next couple of weeks I am going to start the program from Eric Cressey’s Maximum Strength book.

As far as my current training goes, I have had a bit of lingering cold this week. I really felt it the other morning in the gym although my lifts weren’t that far off. I actually felt pretty good this morning. I had my form for cleans as good as I’ve had it in a while. (Keep the hamstrings fired!) I need to remember that these are not deadlifts! I’ve been so focused on deads lately that it’s easy to forget the differences in form between the two. I also need to focus a little more on some cardio, too. I’m looking a little puffy around the middle. Break out the Cosgrove complexes article again.

That’s really about it. Life is good and extremely busy. I will leave you with one of the funniest things I have seen in a long while. Pay extra attention to the song that that they play while painting. Ciao!

Mitch Rothbardt (coming soon)

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