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One Week Away!

Well, I’m one week away from my test. I take it next Friday morning. I’ve been studying hard and I think I’ll be OK. This weeks emphasis was learning formulas. Specifically the Karvonen formula (a formula to calculate ideal exercise heart rate) and how to calculate BMI. I have to learn how to calculate BMI even though its an absolute joke. For example my BMI tells me that I am borderline obese. Whatever. I will be the dancing monkey and take the test the way they want me to.

Me on test day

I am actually looking forward to it for a few reasons.

Number one: I’d like to get this going. I have a few places to call once I pass and hopefully I can get a few clients from them.

Number two: I really can’t wait to read an actual book with an actual story again. Pretty much the only thing I’ve read over the last six or eight months is the ACE Personal Trainers manual.

This week I have to make sure that I know the tight and weak muscles concerning posture issues (lordosis, kyphosis, sway back, flat back and scoliosis) and a few other things I have to nail down. I really think I’ll be OK but I am a little nervous and I can’t wait until it’s over. Between that and this weekends game my heart is all a-flutter. Talk to you soon.

Mitchell Rothbardt (coming soon)

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