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October Member of the Month – Carla Francis

It is our pleasure to recognize Carla Francis as the CV Fitness Member of the Month.  Carla has been a member for a year and a half.  She joined CVF because she thought about doing personal training, saw the gym while filling up her car and came in to see what CVF was all about.  Her goals were to build strength, power and endurance so she could play Racquet Ball with men.

Since joining CVF she finds her strength and endurance has increased — she’s faster on the court.  There are others she plays with who have commented on how much faster she has become. She has better reaction and movement to the ball.  She used to have monthly Micro Fascial treatments and those are no longer needed. She finds her balance is better and it’s easier to walk upstairs.

Carla is one busy person…..not only does she do personal training, she plays Racquet Ball (both in Singles and Doubles Leagues) and competitive Bridge twice a week – sometimes all on the same day!  In additional to her Leagues, she plays in monthly Racquet Ball tournaments. She also participates in four Regional Bridge tournaments and one National tournament each year.

Her goal is to continue her very busy life style for as long as possible and to make it past a 195lb deadlift.

The three words Carla uses to describe her experience at CVF are “consistency”, “improvement” and “community”.

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