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  • Mitchell Rothbardt

May 4th Workout and Rush!!

Wow! Can you beat a day that includes a great workout and a Rush concert? I think not!

The Workout

Barbell Row 6 reps Hang Clean 6 reps

Front Squat-Push Press 6 reps

Jump Squat (with bar on back) 6 reps

Good Morning 6 reps

6 sets with a 45 second rest between sets

I started out with an 85 lb. barbell and then added 10 lbs. to the bar after the first set to make a 95 lb. bar. You do this set without even putting the bar down. You just go from exercise to exercise. This is a great complex by Alwyn Cosgrove.

Deadlift 20 reps 95 lbs.

Dumbell Bench Press 20 reps 35 lb. dumbells Walking Lunge w/side bend 10 reps each leg 20 lb. dumbells

Seated Cable Row 20 reps 100 lbs.

2 sets with a minute rest between sets

This is a real effective set to put after the initial one. The lunges are a real killer.

Swiss-Ball Crunches with Dumbells 10 reps

2 sets with a minute rest between sets

You do these with the dumbells held straight out, like during a bench press. I have heard these reffered to as Serratus Crunches, also. I did 15 lb. dumbells for the first sets and then 20s for the second. This was a very good exercise. It really highlights how much you use your core for all of these complexes even though there aren’t any “ab” exercise in the mix. It’s a good lesson to learn in general.

All-in-all another very good workout. One thing I have noticed doing these is that my conditioning is improving. I figured it would although it’s not my main goal, but it’s nice just the same.

Rush Concert

The Rush show was up to standard. Very good. The setlist was fairly close to last year’s show with a few changes. I think overall I liked last years show better but they still are a great band to see. They sounded great. Neil never fails to impress. He really is a tremendous player. During his solo I was thinking back to his solo on Exit, Stage Left, which is one of the most influential drum solos ever and was certainly a monumental landmark for my playing, and I realized that as great of a solo as that is, he is such a better player now. So much more nuanced. It may easy for some to take his greatness for granted seeing as how he has been doing this for so long (I never have) but after seeing him you realize that his status as a lengendary player is more than justified. Highlights for me included 2112, Natural Science and Spindrift as well as the aforementioned drum solo. I have a feeling it will be a little while before I get a chance to see them again, so I like to appreciate them while I can. My admiration for these guys is pretty extreme. At some point they’ll stop doing this, and when that announcement comes it will be a pretty bad day for me.

Ladies and gentleman, the world’s greatest band. RUSH!

Mitchell Rothbardt (coming soon)

P.S. New poll coming tomorrow!

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