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May 2017 – Jim Gomes

Mitch Rothbardt Fitness – Member of the Month

May 2017

It is our pleasure to recognize Jim Gomes as our Member of the Month.

Jim has been a member of Mitch Rothbardt Fitness for almost four years.

He originally joined because he wanted to exercise regularly. He has seen his balance improve which he attributes to being stronger. He has become more focused on regular exercise and eating well. He is in better shape and has more stamina.

He likes that the focus in on each person and what they need. The workouts are tailored for the individual even if that person has an injury. The workouts are adjusted to work around the injury. This is not a “one size fits all’ gym.

His advice is “to be consistent and listen to Mitch. If you are having a problem with your workout, tell Mitch and he’ll adjust it.”

He has met several really nice people and enjoys the gym community including the Friday Morning Coffee group.

The three words that sum up Jim’s experience at MR Fitness are “fun, friendly and beneficial.”

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