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  • Mitchell Rothbardt

I Was Pretty Down

Generally speaking I have a pretty positive outlook and attitude. I look at the bright side of people and things and situations. There have been some instances in my life where I think I’d have actually been better served taking a more negative view but on balance I feel pretty happy about my outlook.

All that being said, last week was very hard.

I’ve been down. There is just pain and confusion everywhere. For some reason when I went to the grocery store, seeing the completely empty paper products aisle was kind of upsetting. It’s like a sign of something being very wrong.

I started to feel some aches and pains in my left shoulder and right low back. The worst part was that even though I know what to do about it I couldn’t find the energy to get up and do it.

It’s a vicious cycle. The stress and depression cause the pain and the pain causes more stress and depression.

Saturday was pretty bad.

On Sunday I got up extremely stiff and just told myself that I was going to force myself to get a workout in and do the Egoscue moves that I know improve my aches and pains.

I did them and started to feel the cloud lift a little.

It has continued to lift and I’m feeling OK now. I know what I have to do and am doing it and that feels good. Just trying to make the best of a difficult and uncertain situation.

I guess I’m just writing this today to make sure that people out there know they’re not alone. Everyone I’ve talked to had a tough week last week. Everyone. I don’t have the absolute answer. I know we’re all in different situations but we’re going through this thing together. All of us.

We will get through it.

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