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  • Mitchell Rothbardt

4 Simple Things To Help Every Exercise

Too often people miss some of the important things that can turn an exercise from just something to do, to something that helps you reach whatever goals you have in mind.

I see it all the time – so I decided to record a video!

In this video, you’ll learn 4 simple things that will help you get the most out of literally any exercise there is.

Stop wasting time and start getting everything you can out of what you’re already doing!

Also, I’m sure you know that Monday was Dr. Martin Luther King Day. What a lot of people don’t realize is that…well, let me put this bluntly, he was NOT as universally beloved in his time as we’d like to tell ourselves he was.

Of course, we tell ourselves that because, among other reasons, it makes us feel good to think about ourselves as people who would have recognized that what he spoke of was true and noble.

Having said that, I thought of honoring Dr. King in this way:

Look at your current beliefs and the way you think about things such as race and economic disparity in our country. Now place yourself back in 1963 and honestly assess what you would have thought of Dr. King as if you haven’t lived the last 59 years.

I don’t ask you to do this to make you feel good or bad. I ask you to do this to more deeply understand your beliefs, how history will treat them, and how we can do our best to make this country a better place for everyone right now.

And if reading this, or the thought of doing it, is upsetting or angering to you I ask you to explore those thoughts and ask yourself why the mere suggestion to examine your own beliefs and values brings on those emotions.

This is the most important work we can do for ourselves.

Mitch Rothbardt

Castro Valley Fitness

P.S. On a lighter note, I have a podcast! If you’re interested in how to write for businesses (I focus on fitness businesses in the podcast although what I talk about is applicable to every category) take a listen. There are 2 up and they’re both only about 8 minutes.

Just search my name, “Mitch Rothbardt” in just about any podcast app out there, except for Google for some reason.

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